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KINGART™ Designer Series Sketch & Draw Collection

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About Designer Series

KINGART™ STUDIO Designer Series – Sketching & Drawing | Set of 75

The moment you open the drawers of the durable vinyl leather display case, you’ll want to start sketching and drawing. Everything you need is inside. Use the sketching pencils, graphite sticks and charcoal to create dramatic compositions filled with soft grays, bold blacks and fine details. Bring your drawings to life with more than 20 colored and watercolor pencils, as well as 12 soft pastels (use dry or wet) so rich with pigment the gentlest touch releases a burst of color. Blend colors and media with your fingers, use the blending sticks for finer touches and the fine-tip marker to accentuate key elements in your drawing.

Key Features:

  • Three drawer desktop set
  • STUDIO color, watercolor, & pastel pencils
  • Unique assortment of colors
  • Compact & organized leather trays
  • Durable vinyl leather display case
Your Set Includes

Contents of set includes:

24 | STUDIO colored pencils: Lemon Cadmium, Light Orange, Orange, Rose, Magenta, Dark Fuchsia, Burnt Orange, Carmine Red, Crimson, Red Violet, Purple, Dark Purple, Kingfisher Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, May Green, Green, Sap Green, Dark Olive Green, Sepia, Burnt Sienna, Vandyke Brown, Burnt Umber, Slate

12 | STUDIO watercolor pencils: Primrose Yellow, Dark Orange, Rose Pink, Carmine Red, Violet, Purple, Sky Blue, Indigo, Green, Dark Sap Green, Red Brick, Brown

12 | STUDIO pastel pencils: White, Deep Cadmium, Orange, Burnt Orange, Carmine Red, Dioxazine Purple, Cobalt Blue, Royal Blue, Olive Green, Dark Sap Green, Vandyke Brown, Black

12 | STUDIO soft pastels: White, Dark Yellow, Orange, Deep Red, Indigo, Cyan, Blue, Green, Kelly Green, Medium Brown, Deep Brown, Black

6 | STUDIO sketching pencils: 3H, H, HB, B, 3B, 5B

3 | STUDIO charcoal pencils: Soft, Medium, Hard

2 | tortillions

1 | Fine-Tip Marker

1 | Eraser

1 | 2-Hole Metal Sharpener

1 | 3-Drawer Case



Color Chart

About Designer Series

About KINGART™ STUDIO Designer Series

Our STUDIO Designer Series provides a true focus on drawing and sketching via curated selections of our pencils, mediums, and sketching accessories to enliven the artist within.

Each collection of items is designed to introduce every level of artist to new tools, mediums, and techniques. KINGART™ strives to pick products that will complement each other and can be used interchangeably during the artistic process to help spring your imagination to life! Our Studio Designer Series art sets also come with fashionable leather cases or trays for easy accessibility and storage.

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