• KINGART™ Truth® White Nylon Brushes, Set of 10
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KINGART™ Truth® White Nylon Brushes, Set of 10

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KINGART™ Truth® White Nylon Brushes | Set of 10

Hair - Double Filament, Dyed White Synthetic

Handle - Wood Handle; Seamless, Nickel-Plated Ferrule

Media - Acrylic, Alkyd, Oil, Watercolor

KINGART™ Truth, White Nylon/Taklon has a texture and responsiveness comparable to red sable, but with greater durability. The sharp point has good spring and is great for all water-based media. All purpose and durable with superb resilience. Favored by artists, crafters, hobbyists, ceramists and fabric painters.

KINGART Series 5000 White Nylon/Taklon Synthetic Brushes were also designed specifically for fluid acrylics but are also ideal for use with watercolors. Their unique blend of white synthetic filaments hold as much color as the best natural hair, they release color at a consistent rate, and they possess excellent points and edges.

KINGART continues to dedicate to the development of synthetics that outperform their natural hair equivalents. KINGART is proud to introduce Truth Short Handle, White Nylon/Taklon Synthetic Brushes.


Brush sizes —  The length and width of a brush of a given shape and size may vary by manufacturer as brush sizes are not standardized. Since fine art brushes are handmade, expect some variation even among brushes from within a single brush line.



Your Set Includes

1 | Round, Series 5000-3/0

1 | Round, Series 5000-1

1 | Round, Series 5000-2

1 | Round, Series 5000-3

1 | Round, Series 5000-4

1 | Round, Series 5000-5

1 | Round, Series 5000-6

1 | Round, Series 5000-8

1 | Round, Series 5000-10

1 | Round, Series 5000-12

Brush Anatomy


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