• KINGART™ Artist Watercolor Paint, 37ml (1.25oz), Set of 10 Unique Colors
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KINGART™ Artist Watercolor Paint, 37ml (1.25oz), Set of 10 Unique Colors

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Product Specifications
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KINGART™ PRO Artist Watercolor Paint | Set of 10 Unique Colors
  • 10 Vibrant and rich pigments formulated for clarity and brilliance
  • Luminous transparency
  • 37ml (1.25oz) 
  • Easy adherence and application
  • Non-Toxic and Fast-Drying
  • Artist quality paints manufactured to high-quality control standard.
  • Comprehensive range of colors.
  • Can be used on watercolor paper or canvas board
  • Apply directly to wet paper or dilute on a palette
  • Brilliant color from high quality pigment.
  • In metal tube form for excellent color control.
  • Add a small splash of water to this classic medium to put all possibilities at your fingertips with this watercolor set of twenty four 12ml tubes. Layer small areas, create washes, add texture and transparency on watercolor paper or canvas board. Apply directly to wet paper, dilute on a palette...or any way in between. However you blend these carefully-curated colors, your passion will stay undiluted.

From the Manufacturer

KINGART™ PRO 37ml Watercolor Paint Set | 10 Piece

Why Choose KINGART™ PRO Watercolor Paints?

KINGART™’s PRO line of paints is made for the discerning user who requires professional quality. We ensure that each of our paints will continue to perform under rigorous use and provide the rich, high quality results artists demand.

Our PRO Watercolor Paint is water-based and non-toxic, utilizing artist grade, high-concentrated pigments developed for clarity and brilliance. Our paints blend well and mix beautifully to produce unlimited shades, and their quick-drying nature provides a fine finishing to any piece of art. The lightfast consistency of KINGART™’s watercolor paint gives way to a smooth and easy application that brings luminous life and detail to any project!

Product Specifications

Ten 37 milliliter tubes of water-based, non-toxic, artist-grade, concentrated rich pigments that will add brilliant detail to any project. Our watercolor paints are encased in metal tubes with black caps that keep light out maintaining each pigment’s truest color. The color of the individual contents is indicated by the KINGART™ crown located on the label. During the manufacturing process, we adhere to the strictest quality control standards perfect for professionals, aspiring enthusiasts and beginners looking to enjoy new levels of creativity.

Color Chart


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