• KINGART™ Finesse Kolinsky Sable Synthetic Blend Brushes, Set of 4
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KINGART™ Finesse Kolinsky Sable Synthetic Blend Brushes, Set of 4

Product Type: Premium

KINGART™ PREMIUM Finesse Kolinsky Sable Synthetic Brushes | Set of 4       

This set includes:

  • Round – 8000-8
  • Ultra Round – 8020-12
  • Oval Wash Aqua Handle  - 8600 – ¾
  • Sky Wash    -  8750-1 ½                                                                              

Kolinsky Sable brushes have long been recognized as the standard of excellence, a comparative benchmark of how other natural and synthetic watercolor brushes perform. 

KINGART™ Finesse is a new next generation synthetic-hair (filament made in Japan) brush that is almost indistinguishable from natural Kolinsky. It is a challenge to see the difference. Aside from the more affordable price, it is the performance of this new synthetic hair technology that makes KINGART™ Finesse the new standard for artist brushes.  

Intended for watercolor painting, KINGART™ Finesse, Kolinsky Sable Synthetic Blend Brushes Series 8000 can also be used for acrylic and oil paints.

• Finest-quality Synthetic Kolinsky Sable filament
• Hand-chosen shapes and sizes with short handles
• Strong bristles that “spring” and retain shape
• Best for watercolor and oil, but works well with Acrylic
• Good water retention & absorbs so much color and/or water 
• Less prone to breakage and durable on many surfaces
• Features a wood stained handle with a matte finish and gold crimped nickel-plated ferrule.  

• KINGART™ premium brush sets come with each individual brush sewn into a branded brush card and packaged in a luxury gift box


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