• KINGART™ Radiant Taklon Brushes, Series 6000 Round, Set of 5
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KINGART™ Radiant Taklon Brushes, Series 6000 Round, Set of 5

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KINGART™ Radiant Taklon, 6000 Series Round Brushes, set of 5

This Set Includes:

Radiant Round - Size 10/0

Radiant Round - Size 3/0

Radiant Round- Size 2

Radiant Round - Size 4

Radiant Round- Size 6

The KINGART Radiant Brush, 6000 Series is the ultimate universal brush designed for mixed media applications for all skill levels at a reasonable price.

While the series has become a favorite of watercolor painting instructors and classes, these “workhorse” brushes are strong and durable enough for everyone from auto body shops and airplane manufacturers to ceramicists, decorative artists and calligraphers. The brushes’ fine points make them excellent for face painting and body art, with the ability to create beautiful strokes, dots, stars and even lines. The bristles, which are hand-crafted of high quality synthetic filament, easily withstand repeated use, always distributing paint evenly across skin.

Radiant brushes feature an orange and black gloss finish handle with nickel-plated ferrules and “triple-dip” wooden handles. The “Triple-Dip” ensures additional sturdiness & durability as well as a modern design. The eco-friendly wood handles provide incredible balance for both close-up and longer distance painting. The brushes have smooth rounded edges along with our signature spring that is always found in KINGART Premium Brushes.

Terrific for acrylics and all other mediums, Radiant Series Brushes 6000 are the best versatile paintbrushes.

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