• KINGART™ PRO Artist Soft Pastel Set of 72
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KINGART™ PRO Artist Soft Pastel Set of 72

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KINGART™ Artist Soft Pastel Collection, Wood Storage & Travel Case, Set of 72 Unique Colors

KINGART™ has developed an exceptional range of artist-quality PRO soft pastels that offer great covering and blending power because of their soft powder richness. Every stick is scanned individually to guarantee purity and an even distribution of pigment.

This meticulous process ensures a predictably constant hue for use in sketching, undercoating, and finished work. Our pastels contain more pigment, so the rich color can easily be blended or smudged with a finger or tool as you create your masterpiece. Each stick measures 2.5” x .375” x .375”

  • 72 Vibrant Colors
  • Buttery Soft Pastels
  • Blend Beautifully
  • Artist Quality
  • Great for Travel 
  • Handsome Hardwood Case
From the Manufacturer


The first time you touch one of these buttery-soft pastels to your paper or board, the intensity of color may startle you. It will certainly delight and inspire you. As you blend colors, with fingers or tools, you’ll begin to unlock the full potential of these remarkable sticks of color. Create velvety soft skies, iridescent seascapes or sunlit scenes dappled with richly hued shadows.

These professional level pastels are made from the finest natural pigments, ground into a powder of pure color and mixed with just enough extra-fine Kaolin clay binder to form a stick. With so much pigment concentrated in each pastel, you can apply vivid color with the gentlest touch. Yet KingArt soft pastel sticks hold up well to more vigorous use as well.

Your sturdy hardwood case is built to last, and the 72 soft pastels inside are cradled in cushioning foam. So you’ll be enjoying this set long after that first moment of inspiring delight.

Color Chart
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