• KINGART™ Designer Series Leather Tabletop Tray Collection
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KINGART™ Designer Series Leather Tabletop Tray Collection

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About Designer Series

KINGART™ STUDIO Designer Series – Sketching & Drawing Tabletop Collection | Set of 47

Sketching is an art and a joy. With a few deft pencil strokes, you can capture the essence of a pose or landscape. Pastels and charcoal quickly add depth, as you bring in blacks and grays. Incorporate basic earth tones and your simple sketch begins to glow with life.

Open this set and start exploring possibilities with various media and a full range of sketching options, from the fine lines of hard pencils to the gentle depths of vine charcoal.

Use the blending stump to fade lines and shadows, the sandpaper and sharpener to create clean edges for fine details, and the erasers to dispatch any errant marks and bring out highlights.

You’ll be amazed and delighted by what you can do with this collection of sketching materials.

Key Features:

  • Chalk pastels, pastel pencils
  • Graphite pencils & sticks
  • Woodless pencil
  • Essential for sketching & drawing
  • Leather tray
Your Set Includes

Contents of set includes:

12 | STUIDIO soft pastels: White, Sand, Rust, Deep Brown, Light Gray, Gray, Deep Gray, Dark Gray 1, Dark Gray 2, Charcoal, Black 1, Black 2

6 | STUDIO sketching pencils: 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B

4 | STUDIO pastel pencils: White (2), Black, Vandyke Brown

4 | vine charcoals: Black (4)

3 | graphite sticks: Soft, Medium, Hard

3 | charcoal sticks: 2H, HB, 2B

3 | STUDIO charcoal pencils: Soft, Medium, Hard

1 | STUDIO woodless pencil: 2B

6 | sand paper

1 | blending stump

1 | vinyl eraser

1 | kneaded eraser

1 | 2-hole sharpener

1 | leather tray

Color Chart
About Designer Series

About KINGART™ STUDIO Designer Series

Our STUDIO Designer Series provides a true focus on drawing and sketching via curated selections of our pencils, mediums, and sketching accessories to enliven the artist within.

Each collection of items is designed to introduce every level of artist to new tools, mediums, and techniques. KINGART™ strives to pick products that will complement each other and can be used interchangeably during the artistic process to help spring your imagination to life! Our Studio Designer Series art sets also come with fashionable leather cases or trays for easy accessibility and storage.

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