• KINGART™ Original Gold 9900 Series, Golden Taklon Tri-Wedge
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KINGART™ Original Gold 9900 Series, Golden Taklon Tri-Wedge

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Vendor: KINGART™
Product Type: Premium
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KINGART™ Original Gold 9900 Series Tri-Wedge
-Series #9900, Available in sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12
-Specialty Brush for tole & decorative painting 
-Three-sided brush, can be triple-loaded.
-Use for ribbon, leaves, borders, flower buds.
-Rotate which side of the brush you put pressure on, to create turned effects.
-Sweep the tip of the brush through, add a second color, to add color variations. 
-It is often helpful to practice S-strokes, ribbon, and leaves with a #9300 flat or #9800 dagger striper before moving on to the #9900 Tri-Wedge.
-To load: pull each long side through the edge of your paint, and gently dip the short side in your paint puddle. Use 1, 2, or 3 colors of paint.
-To start, use contrasting colors and observe where they appear on your painting.
-Basic Movement (pulling towards you through your stroke): Hold the brush like a pencil, short side down. Start on the tip of your chisel edge, lay and apply alternative movement pressure to either long, flat side, release pressure and return to the tip of your chisel edge.
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