• KINGART™ Original Gold 9020 Series, Golden Taklon Ultra Max Round
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KINGART™ Original Gold 9020 Series, Golden Taklon Ultra Max Round

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KINGART™ Original Gold 9020 Series Max Round Artist Brushes are premium quality golden taklon paint brushes for use with acrylics, watercolors and oils. Similar to a regular Round, the Original Gold Max Round brush has a slightly fuller belly brush head for holding large amounts of water and pigment without reloading which allows the fluids to flow smooth and consistent. 

The Original Gold 9020 Series Max Round can also be used as a liner on point in oil or acrylic.  The full belly of the brush provides a reservoir for paint, allowing continuous line work without reloading.  Slight pressure can be applied to vary line thickness.   

  • Finest-quality golden taklon, triple filament, dyed synthetic
  • Ideal for all mediums 
  • Premium shape retention when cared for properly 
  • Useful for detail, wash, fills and thick to thin strokes
  • The brush can be used as a liner on point in watercolor, oil or acrylic
  • Slight pressure can be applied to vary line thickness
  • Very popular watercolor brush and can be used as a traditional round.
  • The max round shape is longer and leaner compared to a standard round shape brush
  • Filament has been baked for softness and optimal absorption
  • Smooth and soft brush head
  • Variety of brush diameters allows for great control over paint technique
  • Gloss black handle with gold ring with round seamless silver crimped nickel-plated ferrule 
  • All open stock brushes are pre-packed individually - untouched from our factory to you
    From the Manufacturer

    What sets KINGART™ Premium Brushes above the competition?

    KINGART™ considers every detail of the essence of a premium brush. The experience begins with KINGART™’s signature sleek black box adorned with a subtle and sophisticated gloss embossed logo. The high-style packaging lends way to the brilliance of a gorgeous set of hand-chosen brushes intended to send your creative mind ablaze.

    The beauty of each KINGART™ premium brush stems from being hand-crafted by master brush makers who follow a strict quality control and manufacturing process. The filaments of each brush are bound together with nickel-plated brass ferrules which offers the best adhesion and is crimped at the bottom to ensure an extra-secure bond to the handle.

    Each handle is ergonomically crafted to reduce muscle fatigue and are carefully balanced to provide maximum control. KINGART™ offers a variety of handles that span all of a painter’s needs: long handles ideal for easel work, short handles for close up, and mini handles for fine detail work. Each brush’s wood handle features a beautiful finish that is lacquered or stained, glossy or matte, one color or two.

    KINGART™ brushes are designed with the artist in mind and are manufactured to survive years of steady use.

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