KINGART® PRO Real Brush Watercolor Pens, Set of 48 Unique Colors for Creating Illustrations, Calligraphy, and Watercolor Effects

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KINGART® PRO Real Brush Watercolor Pens, 48 Colors, Watercolor Markers with Flexible Nylon Brush Tips, 0.5-mm Line Size, Art Supplies for Creating Illustrations, Calligraphy, and Watercolor Effects

Works like a pen acts as a brush.  KINGART® Brush Pens move effortlessly across your project to create both thin and thick lines. Our pens won't streak, bleed, or smudge and the colors are vibrant, lightfast, and non-toxic. Perfect for any project that needs a brush without the mess.

Unlike many brush pens, the KINGART® Real Brush pen has a genuine bristle tip that lets you create marks of any width — from broad strokes to fine lines.  Filled with a water-based dye ink that is odorless and xylene-free, these pens are easy to blend. Both portable and versatile, they're great for plein air work as well as manga and cartooning.

Enjoy the wide range of colors within these Real Brush Pens and its versatile use as a watercolor tool when producing a variety of vibrant artwork. The flexible nylon brush tip allows you to apply a painterly touch to all of your pieces. Use the very tip of the nib with a light hand to create precise lines. If you’re looking to create more heavy-handed strokes, apply pressure as you sketch or color to create bold lines. Draw varied line weights and produce eye-catching color combinations to create interest in your pieces.

No need to use a water cup; these pens offer the same blendability as watercolors without the typical mess. Sketch your piece directly onto watercolor paper and blend the colors with just a little bit of water. Try wet-on-wet techniques like washes or glazing, or dry techniques like dry brushing. You can even sprinkle salt onto your pieces when they’re wet to create unique textures in the pigment.

Additional Details:

  • Endless Creative Options: Use your Paint Brush Pens with water to create delicate watercolor effects. Or, use without water for dry-brush painting, sketching, coloring, calligraphy & more.
  • Self-Moistening, Self-Cleaning Durable Nylon Bristles: You don’t have to moisten or clean the bristles of our brush marker pens after blending with other colors.
  • Flexible Brush Tip - The nylon brush tip allows you to create thin, precise lines with the fine tip and thick, bold lines when light pressure is applied
  • For a Variety of Projects - Blendable ink that’s ideal for coloring, sketching, drawing, watercolor painting, calligraphy and more
  • Use Wet or Dry - Use the pens as they are for a bolder application or produce watercolor effects by adding water to blend and layer colors
  • Highly Pigmented Water-Based Color That Won’t Bleed: Our water brush pen ink dries permanently, so you won’t have to worry about water causing bleeding in your artwork. Our brush pens for lettering are suitable for calligraphy and illustrating.
  • Completely Nontoxic, Easy-to-Use, and Mess-Free Watercolors: We designed our markers for artists to be completely safe and nontoxic, so artists of all ages can enjoy exploring painting without the mess of traditional watercolors and brushes.
  • Mess-Free Watercolors. These paint markers give you precision control, so you can easily do everything from light pastel washes to subtle shading & gradients. 
  • Each brush pen has a soft, supple tip made of durable nylon brush hairs. Use the tip's tapered point to create thin lines. Brush down for thicker lines & strokes
  • Non-toxic, Water-Based, Acid-Free and Conforms to ASTM D4236.


Colors included in this set: Peach, Lemon Yellow, Bumblebee Yellow, Sunset Yellow, Orange, Orange Rust, Cadmium Orange, Red, Autumn Red, Wine Red, Neon Pink, Rouge Pink, Bubblegum Pink, Bubble Bath Pink, Light Magenta, Wisteria Purple, Eggplant Purple, Periwinkle, Royal Blue, Blueberry, Night Sky Blue, True Blue, Bright Blue, Denim Blue, Sapphire Blue, Arctic Blue, Ice Blue, Teal, Turtle Green, Seaweed Green, Parakeet Green, Light Green, Crocodile Green, Olive Green, Green Tea, Chamomile, Ginger, Tawny, Walnut Brown, Coffee, Chocolate, Grape Purple, Parma Gray, Dolphin Gray, Smoke Gray, Elephant Gray, Ash Gray, Noir


The KINGART® Heritage

Our family has been exceeding the needs of the most demanding artists and enthusiasts for three generations. We delight in challenging the status quo and putting our experience to work for you.

No Rules. Just Art.


KINGART has a rich heritage and has been rooted in the arts and crafts industry since 1963 through Loew-Cornell Inc. For three generations, we’ve been proudly serving the artist, craftsman, ceramist, hobbyist, and decorative painter. In 2018, we launched KINGART®, incorporating the sophistication and experience of a lineage of art suppliers into one powerhouse brand. 

The foundation of KINGART is in the heart of New York City. For more than half a century, we have been driven by one singular goal: to design and create art supplies that exceed the needs of even the most demanding artists.

Each item in our line is meticulously designed. Working with trusted partners all over the world, we ensure that every item is manufactured at the highest standards. Our commitment to quality goes beyond our products. Through simple and straightforward online ordering and superb customer service, we aim to make every aspect of your KINGART experience a pleasurable one. 

What will you create today?


No Rules. Just Art.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Students Love These

This is my second sets; my high school students love to use them for their assignments. I teach science but these are always finding their way into the history or English classrooms. They also seem to last a long time and the brush tip holds up well. Lots of control and speed. Colors are great.

I personally and not a big marker user, but these are better than most options.


So fun to work with

Nice Pens

These pens are nice and the colors are vibrant. My only issue is that it is hard to remove the pens from the plastic dividers. It is sometimes hard to get your fingernail under the cap in order to remove them. If you don't have nails that are long enough to get under the cap, I wouldn't recommend them. Otherwise, they are very nice pens.

Carla T.
Not impressed with these watercolor brush pens

I received the watercolor brush pens to replace an older set of Arteza brush pens that had begun to wear out. The first thing I noticed is that none of the brushes had the paint color written on them. Yes they had the color on the end of the pen but I like to know the names so when I have my favorite colors, I can easily identify which pen it is. Then I tried painting with them in my watercolor journal. It is a cold pressed cotton journal and the paper has a somewhat rough tooth to it which I love but the paint from the pens flowed terribly onto the paper leaving multiple skips with each stroke I took. They do cover better on a smoother textured paper and the colors are vibrant but overall I am not impressed.

valerie J.
Brush pens

I just got the pens. I have not used them yet. I will give you a proper review when I do.

KINGART® PRO Real Brush Watercolor Pens, Set of 48 Unique Colors for Creating Illustrations, Calligraphy, and Watercolor Effects - Pro - KINGART®

KINGART® PRO Real Brush Watercolor Pens, Set of 48 Unique Colors for Creating Illustrations, Calligraphy, and Watercolor Effects