• KINGART™ Pro Watercolor Pencil Collection, Tin Case, Set of 72 Unique Colors
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KINGART™ Pro Watercolor Pencil Collection, Tin Case, Set of 72 Unique Colors

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KINGART™ PRO Watercolor Pencils, Tin Case | Set of 72 Unique Colors

Deluxe Artists' Watercolor Pencil Sets Perfect for Travel! Great Versatility of Expression!

KINGART™ PRO watercolor pencils are perfect for professionals, aspiring enthusiasts, and beginners looking to tap their inner creative and have fun.  Made from only the highest quality materials, including vibrant pigments, a unique binder medium, and sustainable wood casing.  Perfect for both drawing and painting techniques, KINGART™ PRO Watercolor Pencils preserve the best qualities of both dry and wet media and are particularly well suited for sketches when traveling. Try these superb water-soluble pencils today with one of these well-balanced and brilliant sets!


  • Versatility of expression when drawing
  • Shading and painting in watercolors
  • Extensive drawing and covering larger areas
  • Watercolorists
  • A broad assortment of 72 vibrant colors
  • Rich pigments blend smoothly, dry and wet
  • Durable cores sharpen to a fine point and resist breaking
  • Sturdy tin keeps pencils handy and great for travel
From the Manufacturer

KINGART™ PRO Watercolor Pencils, Set of 72 Unique Colors

You’ll be amazed and delighted by what you can do with this set of 72 quality watercolor pencils. Sketch and draw as you would with regular colored pencils, then dip your brush in water and start turning your drawing into a watercolor painting. Colors flow and blend at your touch, as you create an endless array of colors and textures, adding bold strokes and fine lines as you go.

Designed by artists, each watercolor pencil is manufactured to exacting standards, so you’re assured of quality and consistency.


Our pigment-rich cores blend beautifully wet or dry

Create an endless palette of luminous colors by blending before or after you brush on water.


Combine graceful washes with fine details

With KINGART™ watercolor pencils, you can add bold lines and exquisitely fine details to soft washes of color.


Explore your talents— from fine art to fashion design

The versatility of our watercolor pencils will bring you hours of delight, whether you’re developing old skills or discovering new ones.


The KINGART™ Heritage

Our family has been exceeding the needs of the most demanding artists and enthusiasts for three generations. We delight in challenging the status quo and putting our experience to work for you.

Color Chart

Your set of includes these 72 vibrant colors:

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