KINGART® Radiant™ 6050 Script Liner Series Premium Golden Synthetic Brushes for Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor, Set of 6

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Brush Anatomy

KINGART® Radiant™ 6050 Script Liner Series Premium Golden Synthetic Brushes for Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor, Set of 6 

 This collection includes: 

  • Radiant™ - Script Liner - Size: 10/0
  • Radiant™ - Script Liner - Size: 6/0
  • Radiant™ - Script Liner - Size: 2/0
  • Radiant™ - Script Liner - Size: 1
  • Radiant™ - Script Liner - Size: 2
  • Radiant™ - Script Liner - Size: 4

Script Liner brushes enhance your painting with detailed lines, outlining, and fancy borders.  The script Liner brushes with their long-length hair and fine points are the ideal tool. The paint should be thinned to an inky consistency so that it flows easily from the brush.  Use for continuous curved or straight lines, varying thickness with pressure changes as in: highlighting, monogramming, outlining, stroke work, or texture lines.

Use Radiant™ 6050 Script Liner Series brushes to paint continuous curved or straight lines. Thin paint to an ink-like consistency for easy application. These pointed, narrow Script Liners are useful for delicate lettering, outlining, long continuous strokes as well as highlighting. 

About KINGART® Radiant™

KINGART® Radiant™ offers a wide range of affordable, durable, and vegan-friendly essential brushes. Whether you're a seasoned professional, or just learning to paint, you can't go wrong with these exceptional premium artist paint brushes.

The KINGART® Radiant™ Premium synthetic brush series is the ultimate universal brush designed for mixed media applications for all skill levels.  Designed with a variety of synthetic hair, these short-handled brushes enable you to express your creativity. They lend themselves beautifully to all painting styles, including detailing, blocking, shading, lettering, applying washes and more.  While the series has become a favorite of acrylic and watercolor painting instructors and classes, these brushes are strong and durable enough for all types of painting from arts and crafts to industrial usage. 

This brush was designed with versatility as its main feature with exceptional snap, superior absorption, and fluid retention. It’s excellent for use both with watercolor, oil, and acrylic, allowing artists to create fine details as well as providing superior performance for coloring large areas and backgrounds.

Thanks to the perfect combination of three different diameters and three lengths in the fibers, the brushstroke’s result is the same as one made of natural hair. Each brush holds its shape well and consists of filaments that are dyed and baked to increase softness and absorption. You will be amazed at how well they hold their shape. The filaments of each brush are bound together with nickel-plated brass ferrules and crimped at the bottom to ensure an extra-secure bond to the handle. Each handle is ergonomically crafted to reduce muscle fatigue and are carefully balanced to provide maximum control.

Radiant™ Series brushes feature an orange and black gloss finish handle with nickel-plated ferrules and triple-dip birch wood handles.  Our handles are perfectly balanced which ensures additional sturdiness & durability as well as a modern design. The eco-friendly wood handles provide incredible control for both close-up and longer distance painting. The brushes have smooth rounded edges that can be used for dot painting.

KINGART® brushes are designed with the artist in mind and are manufactured to survive years of steady use.  A KINGART® PREMIUM brush makes all the difference in the world! 

Additional Details:

  • Exclusive artisanal process, using the best materials, and the finishing of the expert hands of three generations of brush makers
  • Radiant™ brushes were created for watercolor, oil, and acrylic artists. These professional-grade brushes have fine points and sharp edges. They exhibit excellent spring and color retention, so you spend less time reloading.
  • These unique artist brushes are handcrafted from a sophisticated golden synthetic filament. The sharp points and edges are made to replicate those of red sable
  • Our Radiant™ Premium golden synthetic paint brushes are best paired with oil, acrylic, or watercolor. Each brush will hold the right amount of color, giving you more time to focus on your art. Watch your ethereal creations come to life with our superior brushes.
  • Whether you're a professional artist or an amateur painter, our collection of durable, affordable and dependable paintbrushes will help you express your creativity.
  • Synthetic filament has been baked for softness and optimal absorption
  • KINGART® Premium artist brushes are always handcrafted 
  • Vegan-Friendly 100% synthetic filament
  • Handcrafted products are green. Work done by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line, which makes it more environmentally sustainable.
  • Collection features a wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Brush sizes: The length and width of a brush of a given shape and size may vary by manufacturer as brush sizes are not standardized. Since fine art brushes are handmade, expect some variation even among brushes from within a single brush line.
  • Our family has been exceeding the needs of the most demanding artists and enthusiasts for three generations. We delight in challenging the status quo and putting our experience to work for you



    No Rules. Just Art.


    KINGART has a rich heritage and has been rooted in the arts and crafts industry since 1963 through Loew-Cornell Inc. For three generations, we’ve been proudly serving the artist, craftsman, ceramist, hobbyist, and decorative painter. In 2018, we launched KINGART®, incorporating the sophistication and experience of a lineage of art suppliers into one powerhouse brand. 

    The foundation of KINGART is in the heart of New York City. For more than half a century, we have been driven by one singular goal: to design and create art supplies that exceed the needs of even the most demanding artists.

    Each item in our line is meticulously designed. Working with trusted partners all over the world, we ensure that every item is manufactured at the highest standards. Our commitment to quality goes beyond our products. Through simple and straightforward online ordering and superb customer service, we aim to make every aspect of your KINGART experience a pleasurable one. 

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    No Rules. Just Art.

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    Brush Anatomy

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    Christine B.

    KINGART® Radiant™ 6050 Script Liner Series Premium Golden Synthetic Brushes for Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor

    Jane H.
    Great quality

    Love Kingart brushes they do great work and are very good quality

    Carol L.

    nice handle and good stiff points

    Great brushes!

    These brushes are a pleasure to use!

    Gene R.

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    KINGART® Radiant™ 6050 Script Liner Series Premium Golden Synthetic Brushes for Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor, Set of 6