KINGART® Tempera Paint Sticks, 48 Vibrant Colors Solid Tempera Paint for Kids, Super Quick Drying, Works Great on Paper Wood Glass Ceramic Canvas

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KINGART® Tempera Paint Sticks, 48 Vibrant Colors Solid Tempera Paint for Kids, Super Quick Drying, Works Great on Paper Wood Glass Ceramic Canvas

This set is a bundle of 574-24 and 575-24 (thin & standard size sticks)

You’ll be amazed and delighted by what you can do with this set of 48 tempera paint sticks. Whenever the creative urge strikes, you’re ready to go—no need for water, brushes or protective layers, no worries about spills or messy cleanup. Brilliant colors inspire dazzling artwork… posters for school… cardboard creations… wooden toys brought to life with playful colors.  Creations dry in no time (no smudging or sticking to each other), and the vibrant colors won’t fade or crack.

Designed by artists, each brush is manufactured to exacting standards, so you’re assured of quality and consistency.  These 48 STUDIO tempera paint sticks are perfect for aspiring enthusiasts and beginners looking to enjoy new levels of creativity. 

Effortless Drawing: Uncap, twist and then start painting. No water or brush needed. Each tempera paint stick goes smoothly on most surfaces.

Quick Drying & Washable: Dries within 90 seconds. So there will be no smearing. MESS FREE! These paint sticks are WASHABLE and can be cleaned with soap water easily on non-porous surface.

Unlimited Uses: Works great on paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, glass, ceramic, wall, mirrors, posters and more. Suitable for drawing & painting, home doodling and school art projects.  A perfect gift choice for artists of all ages.


This multipack set includes:

  • KINGART® Tempera Paint Sticks, #575-24
  • KINGART® Tempera Paint Thin Sticks, #574-24 


Additional Details:

  • 48 no-mess paint sticks—just open, twist, paint and/or draw
  • Containers 24 standard size and 24 thin size sticks 
  • Vibrant lightfast colors: 24 Classic, 12 Metallic, and 12 Neon 
  • Super Quick Drying 90 seconds
  • Use with brush to paint
  • Draw & Doodle
  • Great on paper, cardboard, posterboard, even wood or canvas 
  • Great for birthday parties 
  • Odorless, non-toxic, and washable
  • NON-Toxic & conforms to ASTM D-4236


The KINGART® Heritage

Our family has been exceeding the needs of the most demanding artists and enthusiasts for three generations. We delight in challenging the status quo and putting our experience to work for you.

No Rules. Just Art.


KINGART has a rich heritage and has been rooted in the arts and crafts industry since 1963 through Loew-Cornell Inc. For three generations, we’ve been proudly serving the artist, craftsman, ceramist, hobbyist, and decorative painter. In 2018, we launched KINGART®, incorporating the sophistication and experience of a lineage of art suppliers into one powerhouse brand. 

The foundation of KINGART is in the heart of New York City. For more than half a century, we have been driven by one singular goal: to design and create art supplies that exceed the needs of even the most demanding artists.

Each item in our line is meticulously designed. Working with trusted partners all over the world, we ensure that every item is manufactured at the highest standards. Our commitment to quality goes beyond our products. Through simple and straightforward online ordering and superb customer service, we aim to make every aspect of your KINGART experience a pleasurable one. 

What will you create today?


No Rules. Just Art.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Zhun M.

KINGART® Tempera Paint Sticks, 48 Vibrant Colors Solid Tempera Paint for Kids, Super Quick Drying, Works Great on Paper Wood Glass Ceramic Canvas

Mindy C.

I love these paint sticks. I was given some to try last year, from a friend, and they came in super handy. In my small town, there has been some friction over the Black Lives Matter movement and the "old guard" super conservative white folks. We want change in our community. The paint sticks make the very best signs. They work on cardboard, wood and even fabric. I have made a number of protest signs to use at events and with these sticks, the lettering is easy, bright, not smudged and quick to create. I painted a protest sign, on cardboard, to display at the end of my driveway and it lasted a few months. There was no fading and it even survived a bit of rain. We have a lot of vandalism done to our signs, so I like using cardboard. The paint sticks make it go on so much faster than with a brush---and it dries so quickly. I am also a professional artist and high school art teacher and will be experimenting with them at school with my students.n I will be ordering some through my school. My latest sign in support of justice equality in my community is a 20 foot long "Black Lives Matter" sign on wood. I used the paint sticks like drawing tools to create fun designs and make the letters pop out. It was so easy to do and did not require any clean up when I was done. (I am usually pretty messy with paint and brushes---expressively messy) I mounted it to a support system along my driveway so it can be seen from the road, but still deter vandals. I did use a spray on clear coat because I layered the paint quite a bit as I was drawing it and I plan on leaving this sign up for a long time. I included a picture of my newest 20ft. sign on wood panels.

seb v.
one of my new fav art supply lines

when i found severa king art products in a store here in rhode island i bought them i figured i would check them out try them and see if i liked what i purchased and share it with my instagram and facebook followers, i loved what i bought including the tempura paint sticks , they thrilled me and the products on the website and the store i found are so reasonably priced they are quality art supplies , i then went to the king art website and ordered a few more sets including a second tempura paint stick set, i would recommend them highly i now have the watercolors tempura paint sticks, 2different sets of water soluble pastels, brush markers and a couple other items and am very happy with my purchases

Catherine P.
Tempera paint sticks

I love the creamy consistency, the easy application and the choice of colours! Dries to a nice flat layer.

Kari H.
Can't wait to use these with the grandkids

I love the 2 sets. I bought the fatter ones as well as the thin line ones. LOVE the quality they produce on paper. Looks like paint with little mess. Great product and value for what I bought. The 8 grandkids will love these when we go camping.

KINGART® Tempera Paint Sticks, Washable, Rich & Creamy, Set of 48 - KINGART

KINGART® Tempera Paint Sticks, 48 Vibrant Colors Solid Tempera Paint for Kids, Super Quick Drying, Works Great on Paper Wood Glass Ceramic Canvas