How to Paint a Fall Leaf

Fall is arguably one of the most beautiful seasons of the year in many parts of the world. The changing leaves bring the most vivid hues of reds, oranges, yellows and violets to the landscape. Soak in these beautiful seasonal elements and learn how to how a fall leaf using the versatile Tri Wedge brush and watercolor paint.


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      First let’s familiarize you with the 3 parts of the head of the Tri Wedge brush and the strokes that you can create with them. Feel free to practice these strokes on a scrap paper prior to attempting your fall leaf design.

      How to paint a fall leaf using the tri wedge brush. Steps showing the 3 brush sides and the marks it makes.

      Pointy tip – Use the fine tip of this brush to create creating fine lines and veins of the leaf. 

      Part just behind the tip – Drag this area of the brush to create a slightly wider stroke. 

      Full belly – Rotate your brush and use the wide belly to fill in larger areas

      How to paint a fall leaf

      Sketch a rough leaf shape, as shown. Apply some yellow and brown watercolor paint and paint line using just the pointy tip. This is the midrib of the leaf.

      How to paint a fall leaf with a tri wedge brush


      Now let’s begin to fill in the leaf. Create one stroke which uses a combination of the second 2 stroke styles painting outwards, away from the center of the leaf with the same colors. As you move towards the tip of the leaf, your strokes should get smaller.

      How to paint a fall leaf with a tri wedge brush

      Now dot some yellows, reds or even olive greens here and there on the leaf with a watercolor effect.

      How to paint a fall leaf using a tri wedge brush

      Repeat on the other side of the midrib. 

      While your leaf is still wet, pick a darker color like brown or red and using just the pointy tip of the brush, add some jagged edges to the outline and the tip of the leaf.

      How to paint a fall leaf using a tri wedge brush

      Once your leaf is dry, use a lighter shade of brown to add some vein details using the pointy tip. 

      How to paint a fall leaf using a tri wedge brush

      You have now created your first watercolor fall leaf! Tag us on instagram so we can see your creations following this tutorial!

      Art created by: Simply.Seema for KINGART®.

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