Written Vibes

This heart shaped pink floral card is a romantic and cute heart cut on which I have painted some loose florals and outlined with gold metallic watercolor paint…. The heart piece is stuck on fuchsia pink card-stock to highlight the card. Valentines day message is written on pink metallic color. 

My circle shaped card is a luxurious yet romantic metallic blue floral card, hand torn in circle to get the deckled edge look. The card is outlined with gold metallic watercolor paint. The message is written on cream metallic painted deckled edge piece.


KINGART® PRO Artist Watercolor Paint

KINGART® Watercolor Pan Set, Pearlescent Colors

KINGART® Finesse™ Premium 8400 Angular Shader Brush - Size 1/2

KINGART® Finesse™ Premium 8000 Round - Size 4 and 6

KINGART® PRO Real Brush Watercolor Pens