Our Story

In 1963, my family opened up an art supply store in the heart of New York City. Seeing the way my father ran his own business developed a passion for working on consumer brands, and eventually, investing in them. All of this experience led me, along with a few others, to find that for the artist, there wasn’t an art supply company that matched their creativity. There wasn’t anyone who actually was an artist and understood what an artist truly cares about when finding the supplies for their magnificent work.

When we founded KINGART®, we wanted to create a brand that matches the expression every artist puts into his or her work. We meticulously design each item and work with trusted partners all over the world to ensure precision manufacturing. Our goal is to craft the tools and materials you crave at a price you can afford.

Whether you are just starting your artistic journey, or are a life-long enthusiast like me, we welcome you to the KINGART® family and look forward to helping you make art a part of your life, the way it’s been a part of ours since 1963. We hope that you’ll be able to use our product in a way to inspire others.

No Rules. Just Art.

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