KINGART® Brush Conversion for Loew-Cornell Brushes

Why a comparison to Loew-Cornell brushes? For many decades Loew-Cornell brushes were regarded to be the gold standard and first choice for professional artists and hobbyists working in all media. While KINGART®, founded in 2019 is a relatively new brand it is led by the 3rd generation of the Cornell family so our heritage and brush knowledge run deep and we remain steadfast in our commitment and passion to providing quality materials that enhance your creative pursuits. Loew-Cornell Inc. was sold by the Cornell family in 2004 and we understand their brushes are no longer being manufactured.

The good news is you will find many Loew-Cornell equivalents as well as some updated selections in KINGART's premium brush range.

Use the table below to match KINGART® brushes to Loew-Cornell brand brushes.



Searchable Comparison Table

Searchable Comparison Table

Name Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Item 1 Value 1 Value 2 Value 3
Item 2 Value 4 Value 5 Value 6