KINGART® Original Gold® 9200 Series, Golden Taklon Fan Blender

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KINGART® Original Gold® 9200 Series, Golden Taklon Fan Blender

The KINGART® Original Gold® 9200 Series Fan Blenders can be used dry or with only the tips loaded to create textured grasses, shrubbery, and trees. They're also useful for smoothing brush stroke marks or softening the edges of strokes. 

The Golden Taklon fan has a bit softer hair than the Bristle Fan. It is flexible and springy. Use for creating texture, fur and a variety of foliage.

Fan brushes are generally used for blending and feathering colors. Fan brushes can be used for painting trees, branches, grasses and detail. It is popular for painting hair with its ability to paint multiple flowing strands in a single stroke.

KINGART® Original Gold® series synthetic brushes are made from the finest-quality Golden Taklon filaments to create brush heads that are remarkably durable, easy to care for, and versatile (they work equally well with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint). Each brush is expertly crafted to mimic the virtues of natural hair, including exceptional paint-holding capacity, at a reduced cost. Each brush holds its shape well and consists of filaments that are dyed and baked to increase softness and absorption.

The filaments of each brush are bound together with nickel-plated brass ferrules and crimped at the bottom to ensure an extra-secure bond to the handle. Each handle is ergonomically crafted to reduce muscle fatigue and is carefully balanced to provide maximum control. KINGART® brushes are designed with the artist in mind and are manufactured to survive years of steady use.


Additional Details:

  • Available in four (4) sizes
  • Finest-quality Golden Taklon Filament
  • Filament has been baked for softness and optimal absorption
  • Hand-chosen shapes and sizes with short handles
  • Ideal for all mediums
  • Variety of brush diameters allows for great control over paint technique
  • Features a gold and gloss black handle with silver crimped nickel-plated ferrule


Brush sizes — The length and width of a brush of a given shape and size may vary by manufacturer as brush sizes are not standardized. Since fine art brushes are handmade, expect some variation even among brushes from within a single brush line.



    The KINGART® Heritage

    Our family has been exceeding the needs of the most demanding artists and enthusiasts for three generations. We delight in challenging the status quo and putting our experience to work for you.

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    KINGART® Original Gold® 9200 Series, Golden Taklon Fan Blender

    KINGART® Original Gold® 9200 Series, Golden Taklon Fan Blender