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KINGART™ Select Series Art & Graphic Collection, Espresso Stained Mahogany Case, Set of 110

The first time you open the KINGART™ elegant hardwood box, you’ll be astonished by the range of colors, media, and drawing tools inside. Astonishment gives way to inspiration as you start to use the vast array of artist’s materials.

You can sketch for hours with the pencils and charcoal sticks in this set…create drawings of depth and delight as you mix and layer dozens of pigment-rich colored pencils, including pastels and watercolor pencils…develop pastel paintings with the soft pastel sticks, adding color here, and blending there…combine drawings and painting by using the set’s extensive selection of watercolor pencils both dry, as you would colored pencils, and wet, by wetting the pencil tip with water or brushing water into your drawing.


Your Set Includes

This Set Includes:

36 | STUDIO colored pencils: White, Zinc Yellow, Primrose Yellow, Naples Yellow, Light Orange, Orange Yellow, Spectrum Orange, Orange, Dark Orange, Peach Beige, Rose Pink, Magenta, Dark Fuchsia, Cherry Red, Bordeaux Red, Crimson, Imperial Purple, Dark Purple, Sky Blue, Kingfisher Blue, Royal Blue, Delft Blue, May Green, Apple Green, Green, Teal, Emerald Green, Dark Olive Green, Burnt Sienna, Red Brick, Chocolate, Vandyke Brown, Dark Brown, Cool Gray, Black

30 | STUDIO watercolor pencils: Lemon Cadmium, Orange Yellow, Dark Orange, Eggshell, Scarlet Lake, Madder Carmine, Burnt Orange, Deep Vermilion, Geranium Lake, Carmine Red, Maroon, Red Violet, Sky Blue, Cobalt Blue, Indigo, Ultramarine, Navy Blue, Grass Green, Moss Green, Kelly Green, Cedar Green, Dark Sap Green, Sepia, Venetian Red, Brick, Brown, Burnt Umber, Slate, Stone, Black

20 | STUDIO soft pastels: Yellow, Sienna, Orange, Peach, Tan, Pink, Red, Scarlet, Lavender, Cyan, Navy, Green, Midnight, Olive, Brown, Rust, Brick, Iron, Gray, Black 1

5 | STUDIO pastel pencils: White, Deep Cadmium, Carmine Red, Dark Sap Green, Black

4 | STUDIO metallic pencils: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pewter

3 | STUDIO sketching pencils: 2H, 2B, 4B

3 | STUDIO charcoal pencils: Soft, Medium, Hard

3 | charcoal sticks: Soft, Medium, Hard

1 | STUDIO paint brush: Round #6

1 | blending stump

1 | eraser

1 | kneaded eraser

1 | 2-hole metal sharpener

1 | 2-drawer wooden case

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About Select Series

About KINGART™ STUDIO Select Series

 Our STUDIO Select Series products are designed with the budding artist in mind. We carefully choose a wide selection of items to introduce every level of artist to new tools, mediums, and techniques. KINGART™ strives to pick products that will complement each other and can be used interchangeably during the artistic process to help spring your imagination to life! Our Studio Select Series art sets are encased in beautiful hardwood cases for easy accessibility and storage.

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