Introduction to Bullet Journaling

Feeling like your life is a tangled mess of to-do lists and deadlines? Ditch the chaos and ignite your creativity with the enchanting world of bullet journaling. It's like a cozy coffee date with your goals, sprinkled with a dash of artistic flair. Let's paint your days with colorful habit trackers, sprinkle in some sparkly future plans, and embrace the messy beauty of it all. Because life's too short for boring planners, don't you think? Follow along for a short introduction to bullet journaling using an assortment of KINGART pens, markers and journaling materials. 

Introduction to Bullet Journaling on the Kingart blog

Track Your Habits

Habit trackers help us stay on top of our goals. Updating your tracker daily lets you adjust your behavior and refocus. Dot markers are great for marking calendar-style habit trackers for hydration, workout, or gratitude goals. Meanwhile, brush pens can create long strokes for bar graph-style trackers for daily step count, sleep schedules, or screen time.

Introduction to Bullet Journaling on the Kingart blog

Keep Daily Pages Simple

Create a key for your daily tasks. Use bright gel pens to mark items getting pushed to tomorrow. Keep headers simple and use the chisel tip of Creative Markers for clean lines. Finally, grab a fine Inkline pen for your to-do lists!

Introduction to Bullet Journaling on the Kingart blog

Beautify with Easy Designs

A pretty bullet journal (aka “bujo”) is more fun to use. Don't worry about being an illustrator! Simple themes are perfect for beginners. Try drawing colorful blobs with brush pens or creating daisies with dot markers to fill weekly spreads and decorate monthly covers.

Introduction to Bullet Journaling on the Kingart blog

Include a Future Log

Since your bullet journal won't be set up for the whole year, create mini-calendars at the front. Use dot markers and glitter gel pens to mark future plans and write details below. This helps you get organized before setting up detailed pages.

Introduction to Bullet Journaling on the Kingart blog

Experiment with Weekly Layouts

Bullet journals are better than pre-dated planners because you can adapt them to your needs. Try weekly spreads with to-do lists, gratitude logs, or mini-trackers. Reflect on how well each layout works before starting a new week.

Introduction to Bullet Journaling on the Kingart blog

Utilization is King

Keeping up with your bullet journal is key! Tie journaling into an existing routine, like drinking your morning coffee. Keep your pen handy with the built-in pen loop of your hardcover sketchbook journal!

Introduction to Bullet Journaling on the Kingart blog

Embrace Imperfections

Life gets messy, and so will your bullet journal. Don't sweat mistakes or smudges! Just use some whiteout and accept that not every page needs to be perfect. Have fun with your new creative hobby!

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Rachel Rohan has been taming life's tornado of to-do’s with bullet journaling and calming the storm with calligraphy since 2017. When she's not melting in the Florida sun, she's creating DIY masterpieces, transforming wedding signs into works of art, and sharing her passion for lettering through live workshops. Get lost in the vibrant world of Writers of Rohan Calligraphy on YouTube and Instagram, where Rachel's quick-talking humor and eye-catching layouts will inspire you to embrace the endless (and messy) possibilities of creativity within your own notebook!

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  • Debbie On

    this is a very good idea I will give it a try this year thanks again

  • Jessica Asch On

    An impressive way to organize with beautiful designs! I love all of the helpful tips. I am looking forward to trying all of these wonderful ideas.

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