Meet the Artist: Michael Rinaldi

Dreams are a big deal. We love dreams, we love to dream. And when combined with a desire to create, the world takes on a whole new meaning. Back when I was a kid, I loved machines. Big, fast, loud metal machines of all sorts. In reality, that inner child never left and I dreamt of the day when I could create them myself. Design them even, and that dream lent me down the path into a school for art and design.

Meet the artist - Michael Rinaldi, model painter
A few years later they spat out an older version of that kid who still loved machines, but he had all new skills. Somewhere along the way, I combined the desire to create with my affection for making scale models and it wasn't long before I was sharing this passion, ultimately leading to starting my own publishing company to fulfill these dreams, known today as RSP. The goal, to write books that share and teach my techniques and processes with the world, or at least those that also like to make cool miniatures.

Meet the artist - Michael Rinaldi, model painter
I leaned heavily on my art background in the painting these models, and in order to execute the tasks at hand, the path brought me all the way to the steps of KINGART and I’ve been using their brushes ever since.

Meet the artist Michael Rinaldi, model painter

The Original Gold Series are my mainstay daily brushes for the highly specialized form of painting required by the scale models. These require a unique brush capable of handling acrylics and oil paints with ease in a hyper-precise context, while lasting a long time to maximize their use. The 9020 Series, in particular, have unmatched qualities and value that are integral to the ongoing production of doing my dream job--the creation of amazing miniature machines.


Original Gold Brushes, particularly 9020 Ultra Round brushes


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  • Robert Goforth On

    I have been following Michael’s work for some time now. I know his philosophy on brands when it comes to paints, oils, and pigments for scale modeling. Brushes on the other hand are where the magic begins to be created in replicating small world details. If he says these are excellent brushes, and would recommend this series and brand, then I am in. His expertise knows the best way to recreate small scale weathering details. Look at his books and work, and you will understand that this artist knows how to create realism, and if he recommends that this is the way, then you follow that lead.

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