Best Art Supplies for Art on the Go

From the shapes seen in the clouds to the range of egg colors in the chicken coop to the vast array of wildflower breeds on the roadside, art is all around us! Step outside your studio space and bring art on the go with you on your adventures. Here’s what to look for in art supplies that are made for the exploration of art outside your four walls.

Watercolor Half Pan set

  • Mini Work Stations – Look for art sets that include both an area to hold your art medium but also hold space to create said art.
    • Watercolor half pan set – includes 48 colors in a tin case for secure storage, a water brush pen to enact the paint power and apply to your surface, and a fold out palette area to mix the perfect shade 
    • Table Top Sketchbox Easel Set - Unlock the drawers, pop up the easel top and get ready to create with this all in one set! Two drawers are included in this rich hardwood holding the other 100+ pieces of oil pastels, pencils, paints, brushes and assortment materials for your outdoor art experience. 

Watercolor brush markers

  • Hard cases – These useful pieces act as storage when IN the studio but also easy to take on the train, plane or bus to protect your art mediums.
    • Watercolor Brush markers – 36 colors with flexible nylon tips which are great for both fine and broad strokes. This plastic case is comfortable and easy to hold for art anywhere. 
    • Metallic Markers - You’ll never be without a metallic signature when having these in your bag! 
    • Alcohol Ink Markers Cartoonists and fashion illustrators who love alcohol ink will love this 12 count set with a hard case that snaps closed 
    • Gel sticksExplore the versatility of our water-soluble pigment sticks which glide onto the page. These creamy color sticks work both wet and dry so the possibilities are limitless! 
    • Wooden supply chestThis chest offers abundant portable storage to hold brushes, pencils, pens or paints, all with a comfortable handle and durable metal latches. 

Brush set in canvas roll

  • Soft case
    • Sketch and draw – Pull your hands through the straps of this soft tote bag and pick up all the 124 pieces of art surfaces and mediums for art outside the home. This “sketch and draw” themed set includes the paper pads, an assortment of pencil styles, charcoal, markers, and oil pastels. 
    • Canvas wrap Unknot the tie, unroll the canvas wrap and reveal 24 essential brush styles and sizes for your plein art painting. 
    • Zippered wraps – This soft zip pouch zips open and includes space an assortment of fine art brushes. We offer regular length brush handles or long handle

Travel brushes with caps

  • Capable brushes – explore our travel series of brushes which include a removable cap to protect the brush head while on the move.
    • Original Gold Ultra rounduses the Golden Taklon filament built for acrylic, oil, watercolor and all water-based media 
    • Finesse Ultra Round - Kolinsky sable is valued for its unique paint carrying and controlled release ability. This vegan friendly synthetic alternative works great in all water-based media. 

Sketch board

  • Basic pieces
    • Sketch boards – a surface to lean on as you create on a park bench or in the tall grass. 
    • Paper pads Spiral notebooks with perforated sheets allow you to create then gift to a passerby. Available in different paper mediums (mixed media, watercolor, sketch, drawing), different page sizes, and spiral bound edges. 

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