Meet the Artist: Bianca Rosen

Bianca is an artist inspired by nature. She focuses on colour and contrast to bring dimension to her work. Using a mix of watercolours, inks, acrylic and oil paints, she is passionate about finding the beauty in the world and capturing it through her art. 

Bianca has always been inspired by the endless variety of form and colour in nature. Her interpretations can be light and transparent or bold and dramatic. 

She is known for her free-flowing watercolor artwork. Currently Bianca focuses on teaching weekly art classes via zoom to her students on all sorts of topics. For more info on classes or to enquire about original artwork visit her website below.

KINGART asks: You teach both in person and on-line classes. For students what do you see as some of the positives for each and how can they get the most out of each experience?

I’d say both teaching in person and online have been extremely rewarding! I love seeing my students grow and excel as artists and it’s totally visible after only 2-3 of my classes - I see results and progress instantly and the students see it too which encourages them to keep going. i would say these are definitely the positives. For them to get the most out of each experience I always recommend trying to paint the painting again and coming to my classes regularly! And of course I always make myself available at any time to help out with questions after class hours which helps :)

Teaching has been wonderful in both cases and I’m so excited to keep going! I’d love to eventually travel or host retreats in person as well!!

KINGART asks: If you had a crystal ball how do you envision your ‘artistic life’ in 5 years?

I see myself having a few published books and teaching around the world! My goal is to make the learning process a smoother experience for people who feel stuck / like they don’t have talent or just need that push to get started. I love motivating others and seeing results! It’s my #1 goal and what brings me most joy !! 


meet the artist - Bianca Rosen, Canadian based watercolor artist and teacher

meet the artist - Bianca Rosen, Canadian based watercolor artist and teacher

meet the artist - Bianca Rosen, Canadian based watercolor artist and teacher


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