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The pens are amazing! My old one just ran out and these are perfect and in fact better for my sketching! Smooth and vivid! All the options are wonderful too! I’m trying new techniques! I’m gonna use them for my designs on @riley_cosplay0 Thank you!! (:

KINGART® Studio Wooden Tabletop Easel with Metal-Lined Storage Drawer, Espresso Finish

Great watercolor pencils at a great price

I’ve only used a few colors so far, but am very pleased with this purchase!

Great jimmy jam

Got here from mike rinaldi and I’m very impressed with these brushes I only wish I would of bought more!!!

OBSSESSED! I found my new favorite medium!

I have been doing inktober and noticed that KingArt was offering 40% off, so I bought these watercolor pencils (amongst other things) because I've always wanted to try them out. I used them to color one of my inktober drawings and I fell in love. They're SO therapeutic to use and the finished product is between a colored pencil sketch and a watercolor painting. They give me the control I need that I struggle with not having using traditional watercolors. Plus, they come in 72 colors- I don't have to worry about mixing colors to find my desired shade, there's already a pencil for that! Seriously, these are great quality pencils. Everything I received was so high quality. KingArt is my new go-to!

Talon brushes

Outstanding brush set. Would recommend

Gift box, set of 12

Beautiful, more stunning in person. I love them and will use them to paint soon

not too sure

not the best friends or even acquaintances with water colors like it said it would be in the description its supposed to be like a mixed media i guess?? Id say its better for paint markers and maybe heavy body paint not sure , I used gouache on it and i had 4 papers come right off )):

KINGART® Watercolor Pan Set, Pearlescent Colors, 21 Unique Shades & Paint Brush

Great oil paints

Got these oil paints for opr work on scale models and I love them so far great value will definitely buy them again

Excellent product and quick delivery.


So far I love them! They came quickly, and they are great! The colors are vivid, and they seem like great quality! I feel like these will last a while. The fine tip is great for outlining and small details, and the brush tip is great for blending and coloring! The pens are TERRIFIC! I love these. The one thing I would add would be a white colored pen, so I could blend it to make lighter colors. I’m not a very experienced artist, but they work great for me. I would highly recommend these awesome pens though!

Nice brush!!!

Recommended by Rinaldi Studio Press. Excellent product at a very reasonable price. Looking forward to using more of these in the future.

I was introduced to these number 2 brushes by Mike Rinaldi. I must say they are the best modelling brushes I've used so far!

Top of the class!

How did I miss your company? I have been an Art Educator in New York State for over 30 years. I live for Art Supplies and your company does not disappoint- excellent quality, reasonable price, and produces outstanding products. THANK YOU! I'm hooked!

Pleasantly Surprised

KINGART Original Gold 9020 Series, Golden Taklon Ultra Round, is superior to many other brands of the same brush type, it's point stays fine enough to create the thinnest lines and flexible enough to make a broad strokes while maintaining control of the stroke. As a comic book creator, I've tried many synthetic brush brands and find they are all pretty unsatisfying and can't compete to a natural haired brush... but not with Original Gold 9020 Series, Golden Taklon, it's bristle shape and long body gets very close to mimicking a natural haired brush and yet is 100% synthetic. Great product!

Buttery soft

I own the vibrant and the pastel versions on these mixed media sticks, I love them, it's like a pastel in a pen!

Rinaldi recommended- awesome product

These brushed come highly recommended from Rinaldi Studio Press for OPR. Quality product at a great price. Shipping was fast and easy and I will certainly return for future purchases.

Rinaldi recommended - great brush

These brushes come highly recommended from Rinaldi Studio Press for OPR. Quality product at a great price. Shipping was fast and easy and I will certainly return for future purchases.

Not impressed with these watercolor brush pens

I received the watercolor brush pens to replace an older set of Arteza brush pens that had begun to wear out. The first thing I noticed is that none of the brushes had the paint color written on them. Yes they had the color on the end of the pen but I like to know the names so when I have my favorite colors, I can easily identify which pen it is. Then I tried painting with them in my watercolor journal. It is a cold pressed cotton journal and the paper has a somewhat rough tooth to it which I love but the paint from the pens flowed terribly onto the paper leaving multiple skips with each stroke I took. They do cover better on a smoother textured paper and the colors are vibrant but overall I am not impressed.


The Oval Petal brushes sorta left me speechless. The most beautiful form of the bristles made stunning brush strokes. I also noticed that these brushes held a noticeable amount more of water and color. It felt like I could keep painting and painting without reloading.

The pallet was very pretty and the shades are super pigmented, how ever. my pallet came with the case detached and cracked as if it were not handled well, therefore some of the colors did crack and now theres no lid to the pallet. Otherwise, the pallet is still usable, the colors are very pretty and pigmented

Best brushes ever!

Love both the water capacity and fine point of this series. Have been recommending them to my students for months.

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