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Haven’t had a chance to work them but the handles look little on the cheap side.

King art Coloring Pencils

I am enjoying my new pencil! Super smooth application and true colors make for beautiful work.

golden talon round floral petal brush

The service was great and I really like this brush!

Radiant Taklon brush set series 6000, round

I LOVE these brushes. I have bought brushes from several different companies, and these are by far superior! I can't wait to save up some and get another set!

KINGART® Studio Real Brush Watercolor Pens, Set of 48 Unique Colors

Just as good as Lowe Cornell 7070 brushes

When I wasn’t able to find my beloved LC 7020 brushes, I tried these. They are every bit as good, great point and not too soft.

Longtime teacher will recommend your brushes

I’ve been teaching watercolor for over 45 years and currently have 28 students active in a weekly zoom class with a list of more than 50 others who have studied with me recently or who are on hiatus. I always recommend to students materials that are high quality and reasonably priced. Your brushes have both of those attributes and I will be recommending them going forward. They have great water-holding capacity, return readily to their fine point, and have spring superior to sable. Thanks for asking.

Beautiful Metals, Bright Neons

The metallic pencils are soft and saturated. The neons are bright and beautiful. These are good colors to complement your basics.

Glitter Markers oh my what fun they will be :)

I always had a thing for glitter and I saw these and I wanted them but it only came with a 14 piece and I ordered them so now I will get to really see how they work and I'm Happy that I did buy them just wish they made a bigger pack because I love anything with Glitter in it :)

Painting with Marker brushes

I First came across Paint brush markers years ago when Costco had a box with posters in them and I enjoyed them a lot.. But seeing them and getting them from here was a perfect thing because I will use these to color with and Thank you so much for the little 4 pens as a gift that was very nice :) I can't wait until I can use them on my next picture :)

Perfect Paint sticks for my little artist!

I was first introduced to paint sticks from a toy subscription company for my toddler. I needed more and that’s when I stumbled upon KingArt. My toddler loves to color and these paint sticks make it super easy. You simply need to twist the bottom of the tube to bring out more paint and you’re ready to go! The thicker tubes allow easy gripping for my toddler’s hands and my husband and I can join in to “paint” with her without worrying about getting paint everywhere. The colors are rich and they last well (as long as they stay capped). I love the 24 pack because of the addition of the metallic and neon colors. I now know where to go for my art supplies as my toddler grows and is able to use other mediums. Thanks KingArt! 

very good product

arrived quickly, good quality & price.

Good value

48 colors, fairly big tubes for the price, it will be fun checking these out. made in Pennsylvania. Just down the road from me actually. Wish they had a retail space I could visit.

Can't wait to use these with the grandkids

I love the 2 sets. I bought the fatter ones as well as the thin line ones. LOVE the quality they produce on paper. Looks like paint with little mess. Great product and value for what I bought. The 8 grandkids will love these when we go camping.

KINGART® Pro Artist Sketch and Drawing Pencil Kit, Set of 26

Fun and Interesting Medium

I purchased this set to complete my collection of Kingart Gel sticks. I love the creamy formula of the crayon/stick. It is perfect for my preferred mixed media applications. I would love this in more muted and opaque shades as well. While I would prefer more eco friendly packaging, I do really enjoy this product.

The colors are beautiful but the paint is watery and takes a couple of coats to get the desired effect.

Great Pencils! Case? Not So Much.

The pencils are great! I have 0 complaints about them! My issue is with the plastic cases on the inside that hold the pencils. It's easy to spill them or for some to drop on the floor with the flimsy cases. I would've wished for a harder material so that they don't pop out so easily, but for $0.80 per pencil, it's a pretty good deal!

I have a good amount of time on my hands so they're okay for me, but if you need speed or good maneuverability of your art supplies while working, consider something else first.

Kingart Wooden artist storage box

I love this box! I want to order a second one! Well made and a nice arrangement of dividers

Mixed Media Paper 2-pk heavyweight, 9x12, 60 sheets

Papers are not exactly heavyweight but they do the job fairly well. My daughters (7yo & 4yo) have tested acrylics, markers, soft pastels and color pencils on the papers so far. Though the papers are thinner than expected, nothing bleeds thru. Not the best papers to stand up to repeated erasing/rubbing though. 9x12 is a good size and it’s nice to keep the various artworks in one pad. I’d say the quality is decent, not outstanding, for the price.

I had to dispute this charge awful

I can’t get in touch with anyone at customer service. The email comes back invalid. The parts were missing. Had to dispute this charge with my credit card company



Golden Taklon Tri-Wedge 9900 Series

I really like these particular brushes for oil painting. They are easy to handle and give great movement to landscape painting.

KINGART® Studio Acrylic Paint, 60ml Bottle, Set of 36 Vibrant Colors

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