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KINGART® Gel Stick Artist Watercolor Crayons, Set of 48 Unique Colors

Wooden artist storage box

Great item, pretty sturdy, and the drawers have dividers in it, and it’s pretty heavy, I was surprised about that, awesome piece over all!

KINGART® Studio Acrylic Painting Set with Mini Easel, 15 Piece Set

Good but could be better

The main gripe I have with the product is that there are no walls i between the holes, so the pens constantly get sideways and crooked into other hole when being out away.

Great paints in a jar

I am hooked on painting from a jar. It’s easier to store and to see what you have. Paints go on smooth and cover the area. Price was affordable. Please make more colors.

great paints

I love these paints. Shipping very reliable. I use KingArt for all my painting-related needs.

KINGART® Original Gold® 9000 Series, Golden Taklon Round, Set of 6

Great Product - so much fun!

I am so happy with my new Gel Stick Crayons! They go on so smooth and creamy, and flow well when I use my water brush. They are especially great for large areas. I would definitely recommend them!

King Art for life!

I have been using other brushes to do my watercolor lettering and haven’t really loved them. I recently started using the King Art brushes and find them so much easier to use with a smoother and more satisfying application. I’m completely converted!

Amazing Quality

I am so happy with this organizer. It is so simple to set up and takes up little space on the desk. Such a great product to organize your brushes.

Mixed media paper must have!!!

the Kingart mixed media paper is amazing! the quality is great for watercolor, acrylic, markers, and any other medium that you use


Absolutely love my brush pen art makers. I make a lot of greeting cards and these pens make it so easy to produce beautiful art. Thanks.

love the neon pencils!

super unique colors in this neon set, the yellows/greens/pinks are especially beautiful

KINGART® Finesse™ Kolinsky Sable Synthetic Blend Brushes, Set of 4

love the tiny point

these are so great for details (whiskers, stars, etc.), the point is super tiny and easy to work with

Lucious easy spread quick dry vibrant smooth acrylic paint

I bought this set of paints on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday. Started using it right away. Love that they are in small bottles instead of tubes. Easy to spread on canvas and dries quickly. Now I need more colors. Will buy another set of the same colors but am waiting for new colors in bottles. Very well worth the price. Thanks Kingart.

24 color Pro color brush pens

My 18yo son is really enjoying these in his sketch book.

KINGART® Original Gold® 9000 Series, Golden Taklon Round, Set of 8

KINGART® Studio Multipurpose Brush Tub with Built In Sealable 15-Well Palette

Great 'all terrain' set for multiple mediums

maximum paint/water asorbtion but still maintains control!

A rainbow of fun

There are a lot of positives for the gel sticks. Smooth, bold colors, easily blended with water, plastic cases to hold the sticks. They have the feel of a chunky pen in your hand while putting down color like a creamy crayon. It's really a great set.


I could never paint leaves before but after using this brush, I could! The bristles are perfectly bouncy - enough give to make nice fat leaves while still making a good point for the top of the leaf.

Gel watercolor pens

I purchased these for the young daughter of a friend so I’m sorry, I can’t really give a true review. They looked fun to use though!

Well-Made Storage Bix!

This is good quality storage box! I intend to modify it and use it to store Watercolour tubes, brushes, and Pen & Ink tools. I expect to order a second one soon! 


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