Learn how to use the KINGART Brush Basin

In studio or on the go the KINGART Brush Basin with its 3 built-in reservoirs and stackable palette is packed with features designed to make every painting session more efficient and caring for brushes a breeze!

Brush basin -spa for your brushes

Brush Basin Overhead Shot

Fill your brush basin with clean water making sure that the water level is not higher than where the ferrule (metal part that holds the brush head) connects to the handle.

Built-in Slots hold your brushes when not in use and until they can be thoroughly cleaned. 

Learn how to use the brush basin - slots to hold the brushes

Keep fresh, clean water in one area to wet your brush for painting.

Brush basin - tips and tricks on this spa for your brushes

When painting with acrylics: at the end of your painting session or between color changes use the ribs along the bottom of the large area to efficiently remove paint. Press the brush so that the metal of the ferrule is making contact with the ribs and pull the brush towards you keeping it in contact with the ribs. Note: Always pull one direction. Do not scrub your brush back and forth. 

Brush basin - the ultimate spa for your brushes

Holes along the rim of the brush basin can be used to hold thoroughly clean brushes. You can also use the bevels along the inside divider to lay wet brushes horizontally while painting or to dry. Make sure the brush head is slanted down.

Learn how to use the Brush Basin to clean and store your brushes

Learn how to use the brush basin

KINGART Brush Basin comes with a built-in sealable palette perfect for painting on the go. Use for watercolors or make it a wet acrylic palette by adding moist paper towels to the lid topped with a layer of permeable palette paper or even deli wrap.

Learn how to use the brush basin

Brush basin - palette


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