Meet the Artist: Jenny Biggers

Jenny T. Biggers is a full-time working mom based out of Southern California. She is best known as the doodler behind JTB Lettering. She is a self-taught lettering artist that creates unique and beautiful signage to celebrate all of life’s special moments. Jenny has lettered thousands of envelopes, created hundreds of chalkboard signs, and has been recognized as one of the best in her region by Wedding Wire since 2017. She is currently working on exploring how to use acrylic paint on various mediums (like sneakers).  She is fueled by coffee, her children’s laughter, and people’s positive energy.  

KINGART asks: Best Tip for Someone Looking to Turn Their Talent Into a Business?

Jenny: I’d suggest starting with friends and family that are celebrating milestones. This all started with gifting a few of my pieces and sharing it on social media platforms.  Next thing you know it, folks will inquire- so make sure to have rates ready.

KINGART asks: How Do You Jumpstart Your Creativity?

Jenny: I love to doodle in my planner to get started. Sometimes it’s florals or sometimes it’s lettering, but even doodling how you’re feeling in the moment can result in a light bulb moment. 


Watch the KINGART Glitter Gel Pens glide over the page to create shimmering doodles of your favorite coffee shop drinks.

Jenny is well known for her off the page creations, including painted sneakers, event signs and handmade gifts, like these hand painted cornhole boards using KINGART Outdoor Acrylic paint.

Jenny knows how to create intricate designs and loose florals using KINGART Acrylic paint.


I love all the studio acrylic paints, Finesse brushes, the Inkline pens, the little paint palettes for paints (I use them for my kiddos), and the small canvases.


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