Meet the Artist:  Seema Bisht

Hi! I’m Seema and I’m a watercolor artist! Nature is my muse, and the main inspiration behind my paintings. I love painting loose and abstract florals, and can paint all day long. My mom an artist, taught me all I needed to know about the basics of watercolor. So today it makes me very happy to know that I can do the same and inspire someone to pick up a brush.

KINGART asks: Was your mom a Watercolor artist? How did she encourage your personal creativity and how have you perfected your technique and developed your own style? 

My mom loved working with watercolors, oils and acrylics although she claims watercolors are her favorite. She created textile patterns for a company. During holidays she painted beautiful greeting cards for friends and family.

My earliest memory is of my mom working on her artwork while peeking over at me and guiding and teaching me from time to time as I worked on my own little watercolor piece.

For many years I painted very little but in 2017 things started changing. With kids having grown up, I found myself gravitating towards watercolors again. I started painting regularly and gradually developed a style of my own - loose and whimsical - something you can see in most of my pieces. 

KINGART asks: What do you use for references when painting your abstract florals? 

I feel happiest when I spend time in nature and I receive most of my inspiration from the wildflowers and landscape around me! I also love to experiment with art tools and love the possibility of creating unique pieces with them.

KINGART asks: Can you share some tips for anyone looking to loosen their style a bit more? 

- Practice consistently. This is the number one key to loosen up your style.

- Explore different methods or medium. It helps you grow and mature your style.

- Be patient! You’ll get there!


Seema has a keen sense on mixing and matching brush styles, like our Original Gold Oval petal and Finesse Round in multiple sizes to create complete floral masterpieces.

Watercolor flowers painted by Seema Bisht for KINGART

Seema loves to explore the different structures and components of different flower breeds and leaf patterns. See Seema’s tutorial to paint a fall leaf using our Tri Wedge Brush.

Watercolor bouquet painted by Seema Bisht for KINGART

We’re so thankful Seema shares her watercolor painting talents with us using our watercolor paint sets!  


Original Gold oval floral petal brush 6 

Original Gold Tri-Wedge brush 6




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  • Pauline Runkle On

    Can u demo how to use the oval petal brush?
    Many thanks!

  • Michelle On

    I love Seema! Her work is so inspiring and beautiful 😍. I use King Art brushes for my watercolors. I discovered them through her. I hope to someday be as good as Seema!

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