The Traveling Painter: What to Include in Your Suitcase

What Art Supplies You Should Take With You

Reflection of Town in Water

Some of the best work you might create may sometimes take you to another destination. For this reason, it’s important that you and your supplies can be brought to anywhere to find inspiration. Keep in mind that if you’re flying to your destination, you will need to put any of your paints, knives, or other supplies into your checked luggage as the TSA won’t allow them in a carry-on bag. Here are some of our top supplies and considerations when you’re painting away from home.

Ensure That You’re Organized

The last thing you want is to have to carry more than you need to your destination. A French Sketchbox Easel with a storage box will be your best bet when painting in a remote location. You’ll have a storage box to hold your paints and brushes and can set up this type of easel anywhere. This type of easel will also allow you to quickly set up and break down your workspace. Pair it with a tote bag and you’ll have everything you need to complete transporting your supplies.

Don’t Bring Whole Paint Tubes With You

If you want to bring multiple colors with you, then consider only bringing what you need paint wise. When traveling, water-based paints will work best. Transfer over the amount of each color you need into smaller plastic containers. Put your paints in a sandwich bag and have a copy of your business card in the front. If your painting style allows, consider bringing paint sticks instead of actual paint to save some space in your bag and avoid any mess.

Before you leave, look at photos or other paintings of the area you’re thinking of painting. This will allow you to simplify your palate and allow you to experiment with various colors.

Expect The Unexpected

When you’re not in a controlled environment like a home or a studio, anything can happen. If you plan on painting “en plain air,” carry an umbrella with you just in case unexpected rain hits. Also, consider a hat to prevent sunburn. In order to avoid any issues with your paintings, test out your easels and other equipment in similar terrain to ensure it remains durable.

Figure Out How To Transport Your Painting

Now comes the most difficult part… making sure your masterpiece is left unscathed after traveling back home. In general, ensure that you have bubble wrap envelopes that your painting can fit in. Place a piece of foam core board between layers. If your painting is too large to fit into a suitcase, try finding an old quilt to wrap around it.

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