I'm Kate, an artist, small business owner, and physician with roots in geometric abstracts and abstract expressionism. I also enjoy realism, illustrative styles, and dabbling in various media beyond just acrylic. In this summer collection of pieces, I call back to my roots with a focus on nature and warmth.

Desert - This abstract piece depicts a calm desert landscape, with clear blue skies, full summer sun, and specks of plant life throughout the warm vista.

Summer Tree - This abstract piece suggests looking up at the foliage of a lush, leafy tree in the warm summer sun.

Coral Reef - This abstract piece takes the viewer on a journey to the beach, exploring the teeming coral reefs under the waves.

Sunlit Meadow - This abstract piece summons the feeling of the sun peeking into a blooming meadow at daybreak. It's peaceful and warm.

Ocean - Turquoise blue waters and periwinkle skies transport the viewer to the warm, breezy coast.


KINGART® Stretched White Canvas 11" x 14"

KINGART® PRO Artist Acrylic Paint

KINGART® Original Gold® Brushes