My name is Nabiya. I am an artist and Calligrapher. I love watercolors and acrylic painting with touch of glitter and metallics. I had super fun painting this canvas with the theme : Summer. For me personally summer means chillin with popsicles, ice cream and summer fruits like watermelon and coconut water. So I have tried to depict that through my canvas. I have highlighted the painting of popsicle and watermelon with glitters and a texture abstract background using KINGART’s finest paints and brushes😍.


KINGART® PRO Artist Acrylic Paint

KINGART® PRO Extra Fine Point Acrylic Paint Pen Markers, Black & White

KINGART® Original Gold® 9400 Angular Shader - 1/2

KINGART® Original Gold® 9500 Filbert Series - 4