Metallic Art Supplies – Make your Project Shine!

The light and sparkle of the holiday season are quickly approaching making it a great time to stock up on all things metallic! Use our metallic acrylic paint pens to personalize names on ornaments this December. Create shiny seasonal home décor for your mantle using our metallic paint. Layer metallic gel sticks to build texture on your homemade holiday gifts. Explore what KINGART has to offer in the way of metallic art with the below art supplies:

(artist credit: Quipsforthesarcastic)

Metallic Writing Tools – Pencils and Pens
Metallic & Fluorescent Pencil Set – 24 soft, velvety cores which sharpen easily and blend smoothly. 
Metallic PRO Colored Pencils – These 24 richly colored pencils are Ideal for drawing, illustrating, and coloring. 
Soft Grip Metallic Gel Pens – 20 vibrant gel pens packed with metallic shades, perfect to add shimmer when addressing your holiday cards! 
Outline Markers Create a colorful outline as you doodle and draw with this unique metallic marker set 
Metallic Markers in a Travel Case – This set of 6 is very travel friendly so you can work on your art on the go! Available in 6 metallic jewel tone colors, including silver and gold 
- Studio Metallic Pens – These vivid metallic colors are perfect for opaque writing and decorating, both on dark and colored paper. Grab in a set of 12 or a set of 30

    (artist credit: nataliebooneart)

    Metallic Writing Tool – Acrylic Paint Pens
    Extra Fine Point Metallic Acrylic Paint Pens (6) – This is the perfect set for personalized holiday ornaments! Our set of 6 includes 3 gold and 3 silver acrylic paint pens to add shine on an assortment of surfaces! 
    Extra Fine Point Metallic Acrylic Paint Pens (12) - Use the fine point to line the edges of your art, personalize ornaments or create metallic only mandalas in 12 metallic colors. 

      (artist credit: Simply.Seema)

      Metallic Paint
      - PRO Metallic Acrylic Paint – This creamy, PRO acrylic paint glides on easily to most surfaces, making it a great addition to canvas and wood craft use. Grab all 24 metallic paint colors as a set, a smaller 6 count assortment in 22ml tubes, or buy them open stock as a group of 3
      Studio Metallic Acrylic Paint – This thinner, fast drying medium easily layers on both canvas and paper, but also wood crafts, glass painting, rock art, fabrics and ceramics. 
      - Metallic Gel Sticks – Explore the buttery goodness of these mess free color tools! Layer and glide them over a paint piece, scratch into the applied color to add texture, or pair with a wet brush for a watercolor look using these multi-media sticks. Our Metallic Gel sticks come in a 12 count set or you can buy them individually as open stock
      Pearlescent Half Pans – Don’t let this affordable cost fool you as this compact set is packed with metallic shine in 21 colors! 
      Metallic Watercolor Pan SetUse these 24 metallic watercolor paints on their own or layer on top of other materials to add more shine to your art! 
        Other Metallic Art Supplies within sets
        Fabric Paint – While this 30 piece includes a mix of colors including glitter, neon and glow in the dark, it also has 5 metallic colors within it including Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Copper, Metallic Pink, and Metallic Purple. 
        Pouring Acrylic Paint Explore the fun of fluid art with this 16 count set which includes Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold and Metallic Bronze in 60 ml bottles. 
        Kids Washable Tempera Paint Not only does this 18 piece set of tempera paint include both neon and glitter colors, perfect for those fun school projects and posters, but it also has metallic silver and gold! 
        Tempera Paint Sticks No need to worry about spills or messy cleanup with these thin tempera paint sticks which are perfect for little hands! This 24 piece set includes the metallic colors of silver, gold, magenta, purple, glue and green! 

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