DIY Wrapping Paper Inspiration

Looking for a more environmentally friendly way to make the holidays more festive? DIY wrapping paper is an ageless activity that can be completed well in advance of the holidays or can entertain the kids in the antsy days before the big gifting holidays. Grab a roll of kraft paper or plain white paper and create your own wrapping paper with items around your home or pulled from your art box. Keep scrolling for several easy to implement ideas created by artist Jenny Biggers.

HOLIDAY STENCILS – Pull out your stock of cookie cutters and or premade holiday stencils and trace the shapes with fine line pens or colored pencils. Or use watercolor color pencils and pair with a wet brush to create watercolor effects within these shapes.

DIY STAMPS – Use a kitchen sponge, crunchy apple or extra potato, cut into shapes, dip into acrylic paint and press onto your paper to create a repeat pattern. 

DIY CALLIGRAPHY - Make great use of the brush tip in our Twin Tip pens and create a repeat of words across your page to make your own word filled wrapping paper! 

DOODLE IT - Put all your middle school doodling to good use with our acrylic paint pens. Draw holiday lights, bushy holly or vintage ornament shapes. 

MARKER DOTS – Use the extra fine tip or medium tip of acrylic paint pens and create a mandala effect for festive wrapping paper. Or, use markers made for the job, like these Dot & Fine Line Twin Tip, to achieve the same effect. 


SEEING STRIPES – Drag different widths of shader brushes to create a striped paper, use the end of the handle to add some dots and hearts or get really creative and cross your lines to paint it into plaid!

DRY BRUSH STROKES – Dip your brush in a light amount of paint and lightly swipe the top of the paper roll to create a dry brush pattern over your surface.  Explore different brush shapes, such as a rake or mops to create unique patterns.

HOLIDAY FLORAL MOTIFS – Use a tri wedge brush or dagger to create poinsettia flowers or other festive plants all over the paper.

CREATE SOFT WATERCOLOR DESIGNS - Get inspiration from our watercolor tutorials to create holiday designs like this festive wreath

No matter which technique you try, you’ll create a one of a kind roll of wrapping paper ready to wrap up your gifts for the holidays! 

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